Reading for architecture class is an exercise in perseverance.  Chapters are 40-50+ pages of material that is vaguely familiar or completely new.  This is where inherent stubbornness pays off.  And the 1+month of reading Intro to CS before I even knew I was taking classes this spring.  If nothing else, I’m often prepared… for everything.

I have my class textbooks in the bench storage box next to the fabric for the curtains I was supposed to make for the kids’ room last August.  Now that I read or practice assembly/Java programs every extra minute of the day, I wonder what the hell I did all last fall that those stupid curtains never were finished…??  Maybe spring break?  There’s always summer… (assuming the MS program would start in the fall.  Considering I haven’t picked one yet and don’t know how the finances will work out for a summer start…)

Circuits to be continued.

The pitter patter (stomp stomp, really) from upstairs tells me it’s time for Boots and super cool explorer Dora..  Vamonos!