Just found out this week that I’m accepted to Loyola! This is great news as I’ve been leaning in this direction ever since my visit to their CS department. True, I never finished the ‘cost/benefit analysis’ for this and DePaul. 🙂 Nevertheless, communication with everyone at Loyola has been very easy and positive so far. While communication with DePaul has just fizzled on every occasion. So for any benefit I may have associated with DePaul, this fact changes the value of those benefits. With the circus that is working and going to school and being a wife and mom, all sources of support are very important, especially from the main components.

Programming class is a good pace so far, but architecture has me sweating. The pace is fast and I’m really having to think critically about the material. I need to churn out reading and homework assignments constantly between the two classes. I feel like I’m really using my brain, which is a good thing. 🙂