Architecture has been like shock therapy.  Not that I know what shock therapy is like, but after I read or work on assignments for this class, my brain sometimes feels tingly.  Not a joke!  But I am too stubborn to give in and there may be some sympathy from the instructor now that one of my classmates has bailed.  There were only five of us to start!  Still haven’t heard from DePaul.  I last e-mailed someone at the program 2 months ago to let them know I just put the transcripts in the mail.  I assume they would have contacted me by now if there was a problem.  But no e-mail or letter acknowledging a complete package, thanks for the application… nothing.  Oh, except the general mass e-mails they send me telling me I can set up an appointment for some kind of one night acceptance meeting where I would get an answer immediately.  It’s all part of their make the potential student feel completely alienated strategy I guess.  Well I already confirmed with Loyola, but it will be interesting to see when they get around to responding.  Meanwhile, programming is too fun so far.  It’s funny because I always liked languages but hated learning them and then forgetting because I didn’t have anyone foreign to practice with.  Well, with programming you learn a language and talk with the computer all you like.  Wait, is that more geeky or more pathetic?  Hmm…  I’m not one of those people with a robot sex doll in my closet, I swear.  I mentioned I’m married and have two kids, right?  Wait, that’s what the guy in NV who made the sex dolls said too…  Doh!  In any case, after next week is spring break, so just about half way through this semester.  The second half of the semester should be interesting and by interesting I mean crazy…  hopefully the crazy class really is settling down, we have a third b-day party at the nature museum next month, and work is promising to get funky (and by funky I mean downright annoying.)  But that’s where kids come in.  It’s impossible to be too aggravated or tired or worried with two silly monkeys bouncing around the house.  For anyone thinking that young kids make this mission impossible, I really have found (so far) that quite the opposite is true!