I’ve got bugs.  All kinds.  It’s a crazy thing…

The house has been overrun.

We’ve all come down with the flu this week.  All the sniffing, sneezing, coughing and the one instance of puking make me anxious to scrub the house from top to bottom with a bucket of bleach.

It’s only been in the fifties so far, but apparently that’s warm enough to restart the ant drama in the kitchen that I happily forgot about through the winter months.  Upset that they seemed to find some new avenues of entry this spring, I bought a can of raid nuked half the kitchen.  I had to open all the windows then for fear of fumigating myself and hubby in the fall out.  Some caulking is still due this weekend, and then hopefully the ant drama will be nipped before it really gets going.  It’s only March for @%#@^$ sake!!

My architecture take-home midterm was due on Tuesday evening.  For not having done much with computers (besides obsessively surfing the net and being a virtual social butterfly) before now, it’s amazing how much time I spend writing and debugging programs in multiple formats.  The cool thing is that I don’t even flinch when I get compiler errors anymore and I sort of get into a zone when I’m debugging… trace, edit, compile, run, jump to trace.

I make checklists in my head almost daily to help keep track of all the things that need to be done.  Today I wrote one out for fun.

Today’s to do list:

1)      Ignore flu

2)      Call in to work (no energy for bus/train commute)

3)      Walk three blocks to café

a)      Read for class

b)      Drink mass amounts of coffee to stay awake

c)       Deny possible contagious status

d)      Be thankful kids are not using me as a trampoline (which is what makes calling in to work sick and  staying       home laughable)

e)      Think about donation item for my animal welfare volunteer group’s spring auction

f)       Balance checkbook

g)      Write today’s to do list for blog

h)      Wonder how the video shoot at work that I declined to participate in is going (why would you include someone with the flu in a video shoot for clients??)

i)        Remind myself to make time to search/apply for scholarships and grants

j)        Remind myself to register for summer term classes next Monday (and don’t think about the tuition)

k)      Wish I would have some time for painting, writing, sewing, volunteering – my hobbies before I decided to go back to school)

4)      Help sick hubby take care of kids (be used as sniffly, achy human trampoline)

5)      Do homework during naptime

6)      Perform requisite dinner, bath and bedtime routines

7)      Respond to mom’s e-mails about Meanie Marini’s upcoming b-day party at the nature museum

8)      Take 1hr on-line quiz for programming class

9)      More homework for architecture (drink lots of coffee and then still fall asleep on the couch)

10)      Go to bed (at 1am or later and hope that tomorrow flu will be gone)

My reason for posting a to do list is that I find it interesting all the things I’m trying to accomplish simultaneously and how this is a sort of indication of the crazy $%#! people will do to meet personal and social expectations.  There’s the average level of personal and financial success (house, car, college tuition, retirement, non-indebtedness), and there’s ancillary accoutrements like kid enrichment (dance, music, sports, art), and personal enrichment (travels, hobbies, personal pursuits).  I feel very competitive with everyone these days (definitely influenced by living in the city the last two years) and I wonder what I’m putting myself on track to become at the end of this ‘career upgrade’ experience.  At least I’ve got too much Polish in me (genetically maintained social ineptness) to worry about turning into a member of the chic social elite.  But I can’t help wondering what would have happened if I’d gone to school in the fast-paced city instead of sleepy Carbondale.  I might’ve owned my own country by now.