Debugging the ant issue has been a chore.  The kitchen has been clear for about two days and I’ve been feeling great about it… and then little miss says ‘mommy there’s buggies on the porch’.  What?  I quickly march up the back stairs and start squinting around.  Buggies indeed.  The ants moved upstairs.  Pesky critters.  I did the requisite window cleaner and raid combo clean-up, but I’m on the verge of calling in reinforcements.  There’s just no way to seal up the porch with caulk like I did to the kitchen last weekend.  The porch is like an outside porch that someone half-heartedly enclosed when they made the attic a living area.

DePaul is officially no longer on the table.  The program sounds good on-line and one of my bosses swears by it, but I finally found out that they weren’t even evaluating my application because I hadn’t ordered transcripts from an obscure community college that I’d attended to get a CNA certificate to work at the local hospital while completing my undergrad degree.  It seemed random and irrelevant to me and frankly I didn’t even think about it because Loyola did not ask.  So two months after hearing nothing I broke down and e-mailed the guy I’d had the awkward meeting with and he told me my application was incomplete.  Well I got frustrated and told him as much and he replied that it was my responsibility to make sure my application was complete and I returned that I felt completely invaluable to the program and that they were about as uninterested as possible in recruiting me which at least from a monetary standpoint was not very logical on their part and then he didn’t respond and we’ve sort of left it at that!

Moving forward, I just registered for my summer class at community college and I’ll be registering for fall within the next two weeks!  Since I only have one class for the summer, I’m also going to try fast-tracking myself through C++ and Linux before fall.  Actually, I also have about a month before and after summer session for these extra studies… and maybe, just maybe some time for my someday ‘main side project’ Processing, the visual design programming language.  I’m dying to get into it just because it seems like it would so perfectly join my art personality and my tech personality together so that I don’t have to live a life of split personalities anymore!

It’s funny because I thought lots of times that I needed to learn more about electronics and programming and that maybe someday I would be making mechanical/electronic interactive art.  But they were mostly fanciful thoughts at that time and there’s the fact that what I’m actually doing in my degree may or may not help with this artistic endeavor I have in mind.  But anyway I’m looking so forward to the end of this semester so that I can see what can be accomplished over the summer.  Lots of plans!

Which means that I have to get through 50 pages of programming and 70 pages of architecture, one test and several homework problems asap (target is next Tuesday).  This is crunch time, no time to get distracted since pretty much every minute is due to be spent doing something (besides sleeping!)  Good thing I’m staying up till 2am blogging!  At least Black Atlantic via my tv via youTube is making this deviation from the schedule and the late hour quite pleasant.