Things have been insane lately.

Here’s a quick summary:

Bad – Today takes the cake for worst day in awhile.  My boss makes me feel dumb, repeatedly.  Apparently I can no longer rely on him to help me troubleshoot issues.  It’s either he’s experimenting with a new managerial style (to go with his promotion… is that why he sat up front at the company meeting this time?), or corporate life has turned him into a dick.  Maybe a little of both.  Then at the big company meeting, one of the VPs criticized the researchers (who’d just given a great presentation) for thanking another department for their help and support with some important development work.  He said departments within the same company should freely make information and resources available or there was something really wrong going on.  Someone made an offhand remark about how this was ‘a science thing’ (so generous, more like a civilized human being type thing saying thanks) to give credit to others for their contributions.  He quickly retorted, ‘Well this is business!’  The audience was pretty floored at that time, but many comments were offered after the meeting.  Among them… ‘So, did xxx skip his meds today or what?’ and ‘Yeah, my confidence in management is at an all time low.’  Holy fuckup batman.  That was a stupid move dude.  Is it me or is management supposed to keep their underhanded ideas and activities SECRET??  Someone send a memo to the douche and give him the 411 that we knew he was a jackass BEFORE he decided to flaunt it.  What else??  The beautiful trees at work that are full of white blossoms smell like my dogs breath.. no joke.  My friend has been referring to them as butt trees.  So weird.  And I forgot again to check the baseball schedule.  Seeing my error upon getting off the train, I decide to walk a few blocks to get past the worst of the drunk crowd before I attempt to get on a bus.  Well these people are walking at a moderate pace in front of me, but being a bit of a fast walker, I go around them in the grass.  As I pass the closest person (to my right) he says something like ‘What’re we walking too slow?’  I have no idea what that means because why on earth does he care what I’m doing except maybe being drunk makes you more communicative in a non-positive way.  I immediately lose my temper, turn around and say, ‘What the hell do you care what I’m doing?’  I turn around and c0ntinue walking with a shower of insults following close behind me.  Finally I wave down a bus, which promptly stops next to another bus a few intersections down the street.  The bus next to us lets its passengers off onto our bus (including more smelly liquored up folks) because some crazy idiot on that bus screams his head off, won’t get off the bus and needs the police to come give him a personal escort.  So all I can say is drunk sucks and people who can not handle the booze need to get another hobby because stinky, stupid and sloppy is not becoming.  Don’t get mad at me, just ride the Addison bus after a game… here’s the kicker… do it sober.  Then try to still tell me I’m a bitch.  (Mommy what’s bitch?  Doh!)

Better:  I’m killing my architecture assignments.  I’ve got it and it’s pretty reassuring regarding what’s to come.  Plus, the ant issue may be nailed down without having a ‘professional’ come spray down the house with poisonous chemicals.  Phew!

Best:  Little miss just turned three.  We had her b-day party at the nature museum and it was really great.  She had so much fun.  She told me repeatedly afterwards, ‘thank you for the nice party mommy… I had so much fun’.  What more can you ask for than that??  She’s a bear, she’s a princess, she’s my little miss.  Big hug.  Now I feel much better.  Sweet!