The ‘bugs’ theme is over.  Phew!

A new theme has emerged… countdown.

Countdown to…

– Dedicated Ears’ first concert booked at the Chopin Theatre 5/8, at which I’ll finally get to see Pretty Little Empire!

– End of the semester: three more weeks until substantial sleep.  Wait, who am I kidding?  I’ll find something to stay up all night for… (that new painting I started last weekend, sewing curtains for kids’ room, the book about hacking that I plan to order…)

– The start of grad school: officially registered as of 4/15 for classes starting end of August!

– Actually implementing the technology I’ve been helping to develop at work for the last 4 yrs, which could happen as soon as the end of this year.  Woo hoo!

– My new friend at work is having her baby sometime within the next 4-5 weeks.  Sweet!

– Me finally giving in and becoming a facebook-er in order to keep tabs on my bf’s Ed Harcourt and Loney Dear… so hard to resist… must convince to webcast December concert!

There’s a lot to look forward to… this year promises to be ‘special’!