Last lecture class for architecture.  Whoo hoo!
Next week is a lab all class long, then the take home final to be returned via… e-mail.  Oh yeah, makes me feel like dancin’!  Watch me now!  If you know me well enough, go ahead and picture me doing the funky chicken right now.  Even my 3yr old raises an eyebrow when I dance.  It’s alright.  I don’t mind.  🙂

Work’s getting busy, so I’m glad to be having a break soon.  For a couple weeks anyway.  In this time we’re also apparently going camping.  … what?  Yes, time to unplug.  Even if just for a day or two.  Not sure how kids will like this plan.  But I don’t care where we wind up sleeping, as long as it’s out of town.  It’s a psychological thing.