This week has been really a leveling off of roller coaster type peaks and dips.

Hooray for Dedicated Ears’ ‘A Night At the Chopin’!  The bands all sounded good, the crowd was present and cheerful, and the technical stuff was pretty uneventful.  The response afterward was great too.  Can’t ask for more!  Well, maybe just that Dedicated Ears’ blogs and shows contribute to and enhance the Chicago music culture far into the future.  It’s a fine thing to connect with others through art and music.  And it’s a fine place to find yourself as well.

As the final week of classes for this semester unfolds, I find myself thinking about artistic ways to use what I’ve been learning about rather than just marching through the details line by line and dropping them into memory.  Happily, I have also fallen back into a little drawing and painting too.  I think the overload that is computer science classes and an engineering career causes my brain to seek out a natural counterbalance – imagination.  I do believe that sometime in my life I am going to find a way to combine these two things together into one creative and technical profession.  But I’m still working that out and I’m taking my time.

Whoever said ‘the journey is more important than the destination’, well they must have had kids.   Every day with them is a unique gem stored in an immense, otherworldly treasure chest.  All the work stresses, the homework, the personal ambitions, expectations and demands are set aside so the gems can be studied closely with a loving and admiring eye.

This week a new and interesting level of balance and focus has been achieved.  !!!!