It’s the in-between-class scramble!

What all can I get done in three weeks before class starts for the summer?  Let’s see…

To do list:

1) Finish three chapters the instructor skipped in Java I text.  (one down, two to go)

2) Check out the Data Structures text to see what I need to review.  (check, the three chapters skipped in last class.. doh!!)

3) Do as much prep work as possible on the curious george blankets I’m making for upcoming b-days and possible Etsy store.  (Plans made, cutting in progress.)

4) Go on vacation to Columbus zoo.  (postponed due to busy work, busy home and… blackhawks in stanley cup finals…!!  We’re going to be daring and go while summer class is in progress.)

5) Go, go, go.  Do, do, do!  (Painted birdhouses, to make bracelets with block letters for dress up, zoo, arboretum, rainforest cafe and camping test run at grandma’s.. oh my!)

6) Make a couple more project plans so that my husband can really get his laugh on!

And in here somewhere I need need need to research scholarships and grants again.  Didn’t find much in the early spring, but I do have an NSF grant bookmarked for August application.  The end of August is so so close.  Baby Giant will turn two and a week later, with a lot of support and persistence, I will be a grad school momma.  🙂