On the tail end of Dedicated Ears’ third show at the Chopin Theater in Chicago, I have soft voices and lulling melodies of the Black Atlantic in my head night and day… as I work, write programs, change diapers, sleep.  It’s like my subconscious is mulling over a musical puzzle.

My waking brain has been puzzling over 11 chapters of Data Structures and 8 programming assignments in as many weeks.  I’m getting everything to work without requiring any help from the instructor, but there are subtleties in the code that either make the program work or keep it from working and I just don’t have the time to sit and analyze each one.  But maybe those little subtleties will work themselves out over time.  As it is, I have seen an old web page from the class I’m taking this fall and I know the four weeks after class is over will be spent revisiting some topics from the graphical coding chapters at the end of Java I (that we completely glazed over) and multiple electronic texts on optimizing coding structure.  I’m also hoping to get into a text on Gestural Interfaces that I ran into recently.  I think understanding this technology has got to be a basic requirement going into this field, from my perspective anyway, besides being a completely interesting and prevalent technology I know nothing about (which is not acceptable :P).    Oh, I’m supposed to be teaching myself C++ too.  Yes, I’ll get right on that…!

It’s a lot of work, but somehow it keeps me going instead of running me down.  Total immersion in a laboring process has inherent, mindful rewards aside from the final outcome.