This is it!

Week 1 of the start of my career as an official CS graduate student!!

It’s been like a long ride on a roller coaster this week: interesting, stressful, upsetting, exciting and encouraging at different points.  So the most exciting part isn’t even to do with school.  I got a promotion at work!  I have bugging my supervisor for months, years actually.  Finally it went through and there’s some indication I can get another promotion in the next year or so when I get an extra certification for the safety work I do (and have done since I was just a little lab tech years ago).  Yay!  And school went pretty great this week.  Classes are interesting (and tough but manageable for intermediate programming).  My only issue right now is how the hell to get there on time because it has taken me over an hour with walking to the station, taking two trains and then hussling over to the right classroom.  I guess I never realized how long it takes because I was usually just going to campus from my house (just a few stops away) instead of going from Skokie to water tower.  My only other issue is that with a promotion I always feel mega-obligated to do more and do it faster.  It’s just a personal defect..!  But was impossible this week: left early on Monday for class at 4pm, left later than I wanted to from work to get to class on time on Wednesday (class at 7pm), took half a day on Thursday for a student reception, and then was let go early on Friday for the holiday.  Hence the stress of not getting nearly as much done as I wanted and hoped, and stress from staying long enough to finish work stuff vs leaving early enough to get to class.

I’m sure the balance will come in the next few weeks, but until then I feel so excited about starting the program and stressed about managing work successfully (and stressed about missing time with kids on Monday and Wednesday) that I’m actually either having trouble sleeping (highly unusual for me) or just getting to bed way too late.  Lack of sleep I can handle, but I have a 5-6 hour minimum (preferably 6).  Balance will come sooner when I weed out the couple of 4 hour nights I’ve had this week!!  Ouch.

Extra bonus: the other new students I’ve met in class and at our reception this past week are really friendly and supportive and interesting – very diverse in age, experience and ethnicity.  And the instructors for my two classes seem very experienced and knowledgeable and approachable – wow the good instructor trifecta!  I can’t imagine starting this work with a better group.  🙂 Loyola – great decision validated on week 1!

Enough chit chat and computer talk for now, kids are stomping around upstairs ready to start a new day.

Lovely!  Cheers!