Week 2… check! It was an easy week though. No class on Monday for the holiday and the professor is taking it easy on us in IOOP – for now anyway. He’s going through the lecture at a nice slow pace. My problem is that he casually mentions data or method/class constructs that I’m not familiar with at all. Was my Data Structures class supposed to cover collections, enums, interfaces and generics? It’s not a gap in the transition from community college to grad school that I feel like I’m looking at right now, but a black hole that I’m maybe spiraling into. I have spent the entire end of week 2 and the weekend reading up on stuff that I maybe should have already known. And I still have assignments and regular class reading waiting. Ok so before the panic actually sets in, I’m a little relieved to think that… for 1) I have spent the last two semesters reading and incorporating mass quantities of information. My community college professors did not go easy on us at all. So ‘crazy’ is not really a new or surprising pace for me… and 2) I’ve got flexibility and support on my side. Work is flexible, home is flexible and wow is everyone in my program very nice and helpful… oh and 3) I had a really tumultuous first semester at Oakton because I hadn’t taken classes in awhile and I knew next to nothing about computers AND the architecture class was pretty challenging. Oh how awesome it was to end that first semester with an ‘A’ in architecture and a feeling like I could do… ANYTHING! I think part of the anxiety in this first semester is just that it’s the first semester and I have to settle a little. Well, that and the fact the Nini asks me every day if I can stay home with her all day and not go to work. The eyes of a three year old have the purest and most heartfelt and direct expectations. These powerful looks and sincere requests are like kryptonite to my professional ambitions and even my basic actions and motivations… Breathe… breathe!
2 weeks down, 13 to go… Two years and counting…

Oh, almost forgot what should be at the top of my professional ‘HOORAY!’ list: got a promotion last week! Former: Associate Engineer… Present: Associate Engineer and Safety Coordinator. Ok you funny people who quickly quipped ‘What kind of a present or promotion is it to be stuck with safety duties?’…I’ve been stuck with these from day 1 because I was an over ambitious lab tech who saw the complete lack of safety structure in the (very small at that time) lab system as an ‘issue’. So let me just bask in the fact that I’m finally seeing a payoff for all the years of worrying over lab safety and being scorned for it in return (by most every other employee in the company). Yay me. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚