Settling into week 11 of Ethics class and week 13 of the semester, I’m feeling good about where I am now.  Part of my problem this semester has been the discontinuity of programming classes, and part (I now know) is interference from hormones.  Depending on nature’s schedule or the doctor’s, I’m in week 10 or week 12 of my third trip through expectancy.  It’s a very exciting and fulfilling trip, but the roller-coaster emotions and 24-7 nausea prove very anti-productive in combination with full-time work and grad school.  Thankfully, I’ve been able to do most of my ethics reading and writing during morning commute, which is the high-point of each day for me physically and mentally.  And as I work through this hopefully soon-to-end sick period, I still feel strongly about continuing with class.  Although a little late in the semester, I realized my best shot at programming next semester may be to read the text book from the previous university version of data structures.  When I looked up the text, I was relieved to find out it seems to be the perfect bridge between the class I took in the summer and the class I wound up dropping this fall.  Currently I’m registered for two programming classes next spring.  And right now anyway, I feel like that will be fine.  Honestly, I almost want to be nervous about interacting in groups with classmates next semester while I’m obviously pregnant, but I’ve gone through it twice with mostly male engineers already and it’s been fine.  So who cares about lots of male classmates?  I know some women have not had it this easy.  Some friends have told me stories of overt hostility towards women in technical companies and university programs.  I’m happy to say I have not had this kind of experience to date.