This year is starting off challenging as ever.  I’m registered at both Loyola AND community college.  I still feel pretty strongly in favor of moving forward with the main program classes, but haven’t moved on from that queasy baby stuff that’s been going on since month 2/3/4.  So my contingency plan is to take two online classes this semester.  But I haven’t committed to either route yet and classes start next week.  Oi!  Getting opinions out of other people on this topic is not easy.  I don’t think anyone takes this as a serious decision besides me.  They just say things like, well you’ll work things out, or I don’t know how you have energy for all the stuff you do, or you sure are ambitious.  Hmmm.  I’m not sure how to translate those comments, but I try to be positive.   If my manager can say, ‘Despite the health premium increase and increased deductible that’s employee responsibility and the fact that there will be no raises or promotions this year, not forgetting the increase in income tax (of course), we’re lucky to still have jobs and work in such a nice environment…’, well then I can be positive too.  It’s just a matter of force!

On that same note, I look at all that’s going on as a lot of raw material to work with.  Great to have so many school options.  Either route will be a learning experience and likely very informative since both sets of classes are moving on to new material.  And if I take the community college classes, maybe I’ll have time to build a computer or a robot or something.  Do pregnant women ever do that?  I can be the first.  Changes at work and in finances really prove useful too.  They make me inspired to continue in school, evaluate my job options, become more aware of opportunities around me, and consider lifestyles I may not have taken too seriously before.    After all, with credentials in engineering and chemical hygiene, with some programming knowledge, there may be all sorts of prospects in all sorts of places to explore.

So while the intermittent frustration comes along to throw a kink in the day, I just remember all I have to work with and cheer up quick.  A little creativity and I’m sure I can mold all these bits and pieces into something pretty awesome, wacky.  Either way, it will be an interesting year.  Now I just have to come up with an interesting or wacky way to deal with the school loan hounds that are always on my trail…