Been working on class virtually non-stop this past week, but not for feeling behind exactly.  Partially I need some background work for both classes… refreshing my memory of data structures and self-teaching the Java Collections Framework, plus learning html as a basis/background for xml.  And then there’s all the new programs to install and configure and learn how to use… Eclipse/JUnit/TortoiseHg w Bitbucket/OxygenXML.  Also downloaded openoffice when I discovered that Microsoft Office is installed on my computer but not functional until $$ is received.  After a little trial and error with going back and forth between .doc and openoffice files, I am getting the same functionality as with Office but without losing $$.  Who pays when this stuff is free??…  Anyway, the work is all quite interesting and I feel compelled to do it out of preoccupation as much as necessity.  Since having had some (natural and expected) moments of worry and doubt over my ability to be competitive (lack of background, age, family and work status), winding up feeling really on top of things (at least this far) is nice and a tiny bit surprising and mostly a relief!  I’m really looking forward to the first semester of actual CS classes being successfully completed.  It’s a milestone type thing for me..  And in the end is the big bonus.  🙂  Baby Ev is kicking his agreement!  Or maybe he’s telling me to go to bed.  🙂