Lots to do… I’ve been cramming data structures so I can ‘remember’ how to program this stuff for my first IOOP project assignment due in just under 3 weeks.  A lot of it is a review, but a lot of it is new too because the class I had before was at community college level (pretty basic) and didn’t cover JCF.  So now I am ‘keeping him up all night… all night!… alllll night loooong… hey hey!… he’s just a baby…’  Sorry E!  Once I get some background nailed down and a project or two under control, I think I will be able to relax.. slightly.  🙂  The recent snow days didn’t help at all.  Both classes were canceled this week.  Although my favorite thing is to hang with the fam, those two nights a week are my uber productive nights of class time + extra study hours beforehand.  But being snowed in with a two year old and a three year old is too fun.  We caught up on our episodes of the 2009 Spectacular Spider Man series… cool animation and great story lines.  I’m hooked!  And the kids run around the house alternating between being the bad guys and the awesome web spinner himself.  ‘Mommy, can I get a spider suit that shoots webs?’… ‘I Rhino, I Rhino!!’  Perfect and priceless!