Week 4 zipped by before I ever fully got a hold of it!  I did write a blog post while on the train one morning, and here it is finally:

Missed my stop this morning on the way to the train station because I was engrossed in a project problem – rewriting some methods for a homemade map class.  Not too mind-bending, just wanted to figure it out myself (with the aid of my data structs text, which is close at hand at all times).  So next thing I know, the bus calls out Broadway and I realize my error.  Ok, no big deal.  I left early anyway.  The walk back to the train station is only 4-5 blocks from Lakeshore.  Unfortunately, it’s way below freezing (temp AND windchill) this morning.  Despite my long heavy coat, my legs felt numb and prickly (at the same time!) by the time I walked into the station.  They’ve thawed out ok since then so probably no long-term damage, but my legs were burning last night after standing in the cold yesterday too, so we’ll see what they are like tonight.  Driving up to Abbott every day for three years, to NU for a year and a half, and then to my current office in Skokie for two and a half years has ruined me on driving forever!  I’d rather risk frostbite.  🙂  Hopefully it warms up a bit and soon!

My team is a little behind on our project 1 wk, but w/ 4 brains put together, I would think we’ll be able to manage somehow.  We have to write a MyMap class from scratch, write tests for all the methods, make a master test for it and three real Map interface implementations, write a homemade ChainedMap with a unique constructor that passes hashCode arguments… and on and on.  At least XML is quiet this week.  We’re supposed to be thinking about a proposal for a final project already, and I’m really interested in  finding out how CML works, so looks like I have a lead on that already.  And I’m learning the somewhat cryptic xPath.  Or trying to, but it’s so impractical to read about the rules of technical processes before trying them out.  In general, XML is really interesting so far and seems like it is used a lot.  Lucky thing I ‘accidentally’ took this class!  I think I will purposefully take another web tech class or two before being done with this program.  But I hate to get too ahead of myself… disturbs my focus on what needs to be done right now.  That’s the trick to getting through each day, don’t you know.