I did the best I could this weekend to get through some extensive reading for the XML class.  Not too bad going really, but the challenges of the weekend were many.  Besides my almost immediate transition to sleeping whenever I sit in a semi-relaxed position, kids and hubby all had the flu this weekend!  My usual study time on Sat morning from 5:30 -8:30ish was spent hugging and consoling my feverish almost-4yr-old daughter while we watched lots of cartoons.  I cherish the time and worry about the time not spent on school way back in the subconscious and not-so-subconscious recesses in times like these.  And despite my best efforts on Sat evening to do ANYTHING, I couldn’t even stay awake long enough to type in my password to check my e-mail.  I’m not kidding or exaggerating at all.  Pregnancy + Busy = something like a sleeping sickness.  Yet here and there I got some work in… like deciding OML isn’t really used anymore (I couldn’t find more than the wiki page for it and references here and there) and OPML isn’t right, and some other potential topic-ish ML’s are not quite right either for my fake TopicML hmwk assignment.  I did some extensive looking into DITA, which sounds right on, but it’s also not simple like DocBook at all and I had a hard time finding a free usage guide.  Specifications are provided, but they’re like a laundry list and even say ‘not to be used as a guide’.  So I finally decided to test out some homemade DTD and XML Schema definition docs and then hope I can A) figure out how to validate them and B) write instance docs for the definition docs and C) figure out how to validate the instance docs against the definition docs.  It’s more or less due tomorrow.  If I can at least have some docs down on paper, I think I will survive class and my professor’s scrutiny despite my meager command of the situation.

I’ve squeezed in a little reading for IOOP too, which is a good thing because the list of reading assignments is INSANE and I need to start coding the first individual project asap, which should be tomorrow pm after being raked through the hot XML coals for 2.5 hours.  🙂  I keep thinking the feeling of walking through hellfire will grow on me after awhile  !!  🙂  I also wonder about my perspective on labor after this semester is over.

Hopefully this treatment of my current status is not too negative sounding.  I’m actually feeling pretty up for a Monday.  I’m looking forward to nailing down this definition and instance doc business.  It feels amazing to get the assignments working.  And next week is spring break, which means in place of class I can sit and pound on the computer for a few extra hours.  And maybe get some taxes done and plan a birthday party!