Spring break is officially over!

I’m thankful for the extra time to work, but it sure went fast for not having had class or extra assignments this Tues./Wed.  Actually, a bug of some sort has been the protagonist this week as I moped through the past weekend and Mon.-Wed. without doing much for class.  There was plenty of panic and stress, but the physical where-with-all to actually work was very limited.  I managed a study session on Tues. night in place of class time, but 2.5 hours went quickly and I hadn’t made much progress on my IOOP project (filling in the methods and test methods of a skeletal set of classes to create a ‘word occurrences’ program, which either directly uses an index object or uses multiple builders to create an index of words and the lines they occur on in a stream of strings or array of string tokens).  Fortunately most of this work has now been resolved because productivity greatly increased the last couple mornings and evenings after getting some good nights’ sleep the last couple days.  I usually do fine on little sleep, but being at the mercy of a virus and a 7-month (gestational time) infant change physiological dynamics considerably.  So the strategy has changed also.. get as much programming as possible done first thing in the morning, and then do less logic intensive work in the evening, with bulk reading attempted in the middle.

So spring break is over, but I’m happy to look over the list of things yet to do this weekend:  finish last section of the IOOP programming assignment, edit the xml schema instance doc for educational standards, and pop out a somewhat cohesive xml project proposal (to create an xml-based chemical inventory system for work), and feel confident that all these little gremlins are under control… for now!

Happily enough, a brainstorm occurred yesterday morning inside my skull and generated a great compromise for the 4yr old princess’ b-day festivities.  Rather than have the usual big party (and usual time and funding stress), we’re going to have a small lunch at princess’ favorite place, the Rainforest Cafe, with a small group of family.  Then we’ll visit grandma, who has been dealing with a fractured vertebra and all the associated hospital and therapy trouble, on the big day itself.  And as a substitute for the big party, we’ll have a big big gift surprise instead… 9 weeks of ballet class!  Not quite four, and the girl is ultra fem from head to toe and asking for ballet class every day and eying tutus in the store window down the street excitedly.  With the prospect of projects, exams, family health issues, family members in and out of town, baby incubating, trip to Anaheim in two weeks, and of course… work, things need to get as simple as possible asap!  This new plan has less issues, less stress, and more fun.  Win, win and win!  Yes!  Survival seems likely… 🙂