This week went really smoothly… sort of!

Project assignments were done on time.  Next steps are well planned out (if not entirely initiated).  And aside from my uber difficult midterm exam coming up next week, classes have plateaued and are maybe going to be gradually downhill from here.  Or else I’ve just accepted the flames at this point.  🙂  Unfortunately work projects are not as cooperative.  We’re working on something really difficult and the initial work was uphill with a 50lb pack on our backs.  But we plateaued in a good, or at least acceptable, place and thought we could see out into the valley ahead.  But suddenly we’re going uphill again, this time wearing rollerskates!  Nonetheless, going from work to school to work to school to a 7:15 am doctor’s appointment was manageable enough.  My only complaint is a case of exhaustion where I nod off whenever I sit still, even if I’m still working, reading, having a conversation… whatever!  I sort of understand what a narcoleptic must feel like.  🙂  But I think one more night of decent sleep will fix this up.  Then hopefully my energy will have energy again so I can attack some more classwork.  I want to say uuuggghhhh, but I’m actually having too much fun.  That’s the crazy part.  🙂 In other news, the littlest man in my life is in birth position and we’re down to biweekly doctor’s appointments.  It’s really exciting to be getting so close to having him officially in the family!