Two weeks without writing. Don’t know how it happened! Oh wait. I think I was just telling hubby last night that I have been pretty nauseous now for the past two weeks or so. Yureka!

I’ve still been able to get my work done, but not without some extra effort. Between falling asleep at all hours of the day and having exhaustion and nausea here and there throughout the day, it’s been a challenge. I’ve also been getting some wicked reflux in the evenings. I really have still had a really smooth past 71/2 months, but my stomach has not tolerated this pregnancy as well as the other two.

But enough chit chat… 🙂

My midterm a couple weeks ago for IOOP was not so good. Turns out it’s a lot easier to code with a smart editor than it is on paper with my dumb self as the editor. Really highlights the things I need to work on, which is great, but sucks some of the goodness out of my previously A- standing. But then I got a great grade on the last individual project and again on the last group project. I didn’t check my last quiz yet, but pretty sure that was fine too. He went easy on us and gave us questions that we could easily look up in the one book we were allowed to use during the quiz. Funny thing is I really studied a lot and had a good idea about these things already. Timing couldn’t be better either since I was really having an off day between being sick and finding out my grandfather is really sick sick after having another stroke. Now my group and I are just working on the final project, which is to plan a project (including UML diagram and write-up), work on an extra credit homework, and study for the final exam. We’re really going down the slope gradually and it really feels like wrap up time for IOOP. What a relief! There’s also the final project and write-up for XML to finish up. I’ve quite a lot of the basics functioning… xml doc + validation; xslt and xquery transformations, JDOM control of the transformations… My one sticking point is still getting the JDOM/Java to create a doc. Actually, the first step is done, which is to create a doc and plug in elements. It works well with the exception of not providing a heading with namespace declarations… yet. I’m focusing now on feeding the information from a file to the doc creation code. I hope to have it working tonight so that the 400+ chemicals for the inventory will feed themselves. Otherwise, my project is pretty worthless because you can’t load info for hundreds of items into an xml doc manually. Crossing my fingers I can get it to work for class tomorrow. In any case, this is the real wrap up for this class too.

Will be good to be done and focus on family, if only for a few weeks. And moving too. Oi! (That was me slapping myself in the forehead! 🙂 )