Baby has been here almost two weeks now and we’re settling into the family of five role quite nicely. A big summer milestone is just around the corner.. fourth of July. We’ll be taking baby out to the burbs for the first time to have a bbq with the family. Then school starts up again next week. I was supposed to take an open source class starting end of May, but that became impossible with ‘the accident’ and moving. The new class, Test Driven Development, should be a concentrated form of the IOOP class from this spring. We actually did all of our programming in that class using TDD, including refactoring. So looking forward to keeping up these skills for fall classes. I’ve also been trying to get through code for a shell GUI to my XML class project from spring. I’m not even writing it myself, just adapting code from the class text, but procrastinating A LOT. I think my mind wants to stay away from the topics of spring, especially late spring when all the craziness went down. And really, it’s all still going on what with hubby needing more diagnostics and possibly surgery. Oh barnacles! And there are legal issues to be explored. Ah, tartar sauce! But I’m keeping those things in my mind’s closet for safekeeping (and sanity’s sake). Besides class and continuation of the XML/work project, I have been checking into Linux OS features/conversion. But I won’t do anything right now because I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able to get the new system functional in time for class. Right now I have everything going so nicely.. Eclipse, Oxygen XML, working from the command line. I’m in grad school but I’m like a baby in this field. Baby steps.. baby steps. I’ve also started up on the C++ text again. Upon re-reading the intro, I realized that the author suggested checking out the disk with instructions for C before proceeding through the book. Well I don’t have experience in that either, so now I’m learning C first and then I guess C++ will be next. This is about all I can handle at one time right now, so we’ll see how it all meshes with baby fun and upcoming medical ‘stuff’ in the next six weeks.