Last week was the first of six weeks of summer class. One down, only five to go. Seems either too easy (counting down the weeks) or completely disconcerting (counting out 12 – 3 hour classes in such a compressed time frame). So far something in the middle is the truth of the situation. But I haven’t even gotten into programming hardships yet. I’ve been too involved in figuring out how to get the basic web app project configured and testable. We’re using some software I’ve never used before… git (which was easy enough to install and use), gradle (which wasn’t too difficult, although I needed some assistance in getting the path correct), and then curl ((*#&$^%#&^%!*&$^(*^$^!@%&%)). So curl is not really meant to run on windows. I had to download some other programs (MSYS and MinGW) that provide Unix/Linux like command capabilities on a windows operating system. In the end, the system works well, but it took a few days to find the page that suggested this fix and then go through all the steps to install all the requisite files. Still, this turned out to be a quicker fix than figuring out how to remotely access the Linux system at school. It’s silly really. I used to access the system at a community college, and that was easy. There wasn’t even any setup, just user info assigned to each student and a series of steps to log on. I tried both the instructions for using putty and cygwin to access the university system (thinking I could just enter the curl and other project commands directly in this system rather than worrying about it working on my laptop). But even with departmental support, I still can’t access the system. Ha ha. I’m kind of annoyed that it’s so complicated but kind of happy that I got curl working on my windows lap top on my own. But in the end, my web app still wasn’t working because of some gradle commands I needed to enter that I didn’t know about. At least my instructor is very responsive in getting suggestions back to me for all the twenty or so emails I sent him this weekend. He made the suggestions, I entered them, and now the response is correct. But I would have liked to figure that out myself too. Since I don’t know much about all this web app stuff, I may have to have a few late nights researching these programs and figuring out what the heck I’ve gotten myself into for this class. It’s supposed to be a TDD (test driven development) course, but I guess I’m going to get schooled in web application development/function as well. Joy. Probably for the best… 🙂