Passed through week 2 very quickly and am ready for week 3. Requirements for my web app were implemented and deployed on time (more or less – missed Friday) for data posted earlier this afternoon. The TDD and coding are fun. The refactoring is tough though as I have no experience coding web apps, much less improving their design. Oi. We also do refactoring in class, but the instructor goes so quickly I can only get some of the changes. My newest files were buggy because I apparently missed something somewhere, even though all my tests passed. When I reverted to the old files + new requirements, the app worked without issue. So far we’re getting graded on function rather than the state of the implementation, so that’s that.
Now that MYSY/MinGW work so well I hate to even think about converting to Linux and reconfiguring all the programs I have stockpiled throughout the last couple semesters. But the Win7 OS keeps freezing on me and my screen does funny things sometimes. I’m assuming it’s the OS because I have tons of space left. But the only way to really know is to switch over and see the performance.
Baby budha is 4 weeks/1 month old today. It seemed so long a wait for him to arrive and now it’s like he’s always been here. In the past 4 weeks we’ve had some stress and a lot of exhaustion, but that’s mainly due to sorting out the needs of all five people in this house more than baby. He’s not had any issues so far and he sleeps through the night except for 1-2 feedings. It’s been pretty easy to manage a schedule of sorts already. And the bigger monkeys are so well behaved with the newbie that we’re still a bit surprised by it after 4 weeks. No real roughing up or jealousy or complaints about crying and hogging all mom’s attention. Three awesome kids.. how lucky are we?!
School and baby is a bit tricky and really the only significant stressor to date. And that’s mostly due to me getting over tired and then crabby with everyone. But when there’s no hours in the day or night to work, then you work the late night to get things done. If there’s no time to sleep, well it’s only a six week class. 🙂 In any case, this is a good way to keep up on programming through the summer. Can’t wait for robotic programming this fall… getting really geeky around here lately and I love it!