This last week has been a little tough. Going from kid requests and attention to baby soothing to spouse handling (arguing/soothing) to dosing with caffeine to (last but not not not least…) trying to coherently test/code/refactor. I didn’t even include sleep in the list because it doesn’t really happen. I dose off here and there and wake up a short while later because of kids (not sleeping so soundly since baby has been home) or baby or morning (how rude of the morning to come so quickly when it knows darn well I didn’t get to bed before 2:30 or 3am again!)… The schedule is causing some suffering, but I’ve been doggedly keeping up on requirements and am successfully on track right now. We have to parse string values that represent all the different permutations of ways that people may fill out the text portion of the amount field on their paper checks. The requirements started out smaller than that, but since last Thursday I’ve been dealing with the entire string. Catching all the possible subtleties was not easy for me. I mostly had it done by Monday (yesterday) at 4:59pm… just a minute before checks went out. I didn’t know if I made it.. there was a bug that would have killed my points that day, and I didn’t know if I had the fix loaded in time to catch the checks going out for the day. Turns out I did make it in time. Lucky! Then I found two more bugs, which I’ve been able to fix by about 4pm today. Long and short of it is that I’m spending all my extra minutes here and there, day and night, keeping this TDD process going. It’s fun, but just a little crazy to add to home-life right now. Back to work already next week and we will see shortly how new baby/school/work will pan out. In any case, only two more weeks of school after this week, so only two weeks of school/work combo.. until fall semester anyway. As baby gets bigger, the craziness should fall away and be replaced by a few good hours of sleep. Fall.. my favorite season. Sleep.. I only need about five hours a night, but those are five sorely missed hours right now!