The web app project is going well, although I implemented the handling of hundred dollar values instead of ‘&’, ‘,’ and other misc possible symbols for the word ‘and’. So when the new values posted, the app was able to parse a fraction of the total volume. Today should be great though, since I updated to handle all the symbols, AND I’m ready with hundred dollar values. I do have at least one bug that I’m aware of, but luckily it responds with the empty set. We don’t get points off for returning empty sets, just incorrect responses.

Next week we start working in teams. I’m working with two girls who seem knowledgeable enough about these topics, but they’ve been really behind on getting there programs deployed. I didn’t ask too many questions and I think the instructor will not grade me down for their late implementations.

It’s funny that I always view myself (not negatively, just factually) as less knowledgeable than my classmates as far as general cs background goes, but this is turning out to usually NOT be the case. I’m grateful that my day job gives me a lot of troubleshooting and resourcefulness training standard. This make going back to school and specifically working in the more independent grad school environment possible.

Two more weeks to go…

It’s also funny that getting on my laptop and diving into code issues or researching techniques, etc, has become similar to tying my shoes over the last year and a half. My little laptop is like my electronic appendage. The fictional ideas of cyborgs and such don’t seem so science fiction based to me after spend hours hovering over my computer screen, fingers flitting over the keys almost on their own. I even hold the baby on my lap while I work, another thing that seems completely ordinary. His little feet are resting just to the side of the touch pad right now and his snoring is soft white noise that is calming to listen to while I work.