Here at the end of week 5 my group is on top of.. everything! Our code is in some positive stage of refinement, requirements were met a week ago, bugs have been few and easily resolved, and my partners are already working on the presentation for next week. It’s surprising how much can be learned in such a short class. New coding maneuvers and refactoring techniques to move forward with, learning and experimenting with a lot of different approaches to testing (continuous testing in eclipse rocks!), experiencing test driven coding, and creation and management of servlets. Now we just need to keep on top of all the servlet requests that will be sent out between now and next Tuesday (which generate most of the points for our final grades) and then present a summary of our app development next Thursday… then voila – fine.

But there’s more!

Baby is sleeping through the night every other day or so now. And even when he does get up in the middle of the night, he goes right back to sleep after feeding. And this past week he has been smiling the sweetest honest to goodness not because of gas smiles ever. So cute!

This was also my first week back to work.

It was a little shocking on Monday to find myself at my desk at work instead of having my normal early morning cuddle with the baby at home on the couch. Boo. And I felt really unhappy. But no tears like the night before. Then as the week has gone on, good feelings about work and my genuine interest in my projects percolated and the bad feelings faded. I still miss peanut all day long, but more in a I’m so happy to have you to come home to and can’t wait to see you way than in a negative towards work way.

I’ve got class down, constructively handling busy homelife down, work down… every day it all comes together a little more.

Since I have travel time on the train now and no more reading for class, I started reading ‘The Pleasure of Finding Things Out’, which is a compilation of stories and lectures from Richard Feynman. It’s a lovely and engrossing book, one that I could imagine reading over again (and I never read books twice). Call me crazy, but I feel more open in my brain region when and after reading about R. Feynman and his thoughts and achievements. Smitten! The reoccurring theme of doing his work for the fun of it and not for any other reason also bolsters my confidence for continuing in school. This program just is such a great fit for me and I feel like I’m really doing something I enjoy first and achieving success in my studies as a natural result.
And this, as other people who allow themselves to pursue what they truly enjoy will confirm, feels like home!