Well I feel a little silly to say, “Phew, I survived!” at the end of a six week class. But seeing as things have been at a higher level of crazy than usual in our normally much less eventful lives, I’m saying “Phew!” today. Baby has had a few fussy nights that haven’t combined well with late night class work and going back to the day job. Plus my two ‘partners’ for class haven’t been very helpful. The one girl did nothing the entire class, including missing the first week and the last week.. out of 6 total! Silly. Still, I did learn a lot about software testing and web apps. Cool! Now the class work is done and there’s a two week (only?) break to look forward to (of sorts because hubby’s surgery happens that second week and we’re not sure how all that will work out..).

We’ll see how restful the ‘break’ will be though.. Hubby suggested we do a little investigation into robotics. Applicable to my school interests, apparently interesting for him (still surprising me after a million years), fun for kids, and maybe could lead to some opportunities later (background experience and possible job/business prospects). Well I can’t just sit around and say ho hum when someone’s telling me to spend money and time on robots, now can I? Please! I’ve been ordering and reading and thinking… It always happens this way. (‘It’ being something new and fun to get obsessed over…) 🙂