Barnacles! Pasta Fazool!
First week of fall semester already. I don’t know what I’ve been doing but it sure came up quick. Oh yeah, we’ve spent a lot of time shuttling hubby to doctor’s appointments and then surgery last week. I thought recovery this time would be a breeze, but it has been anything else… I’ve personally been in survival mode for awhile.. just keep going and don’t look back. We’ve managed through the worst I think and after next week we’ll be mostly done with doctors, barring a few residual checkups.
Unfortunately, due to complications with recovery, I missed my first night of class yesterday. Robotic programming. 😦 Disappointing, but what can you do? I went through the documents posted online for the class – there’s quite a few – and will just have to be uber prepared for next week. All of my professors are going to know me as the girl with issues, sadly. At least I was able to smoothly switch my independent study meeting to Friday without getting into any explanations.
Now that I’m settled back at work today, I’m having trouble focusing on work stuff. So much to do. Learn new languages, start reading for class and psyching up for group discussions. My little line following robot is still sitting in his packaging and the boe bot never was delivered. Maybe some of this can be addressed over the holiday weekend. Kids are in the suburbs, so lots of driving fun this pm to bring them back to the city. Ugghh. Hopefully back to semi-normal tomorrow. But you just never can tell what’ll happen next.