I’ve been on pins and needles most of the weekend. There’s no telling how hubby will feel from moment to moment. One time he seems pretty comfortable, the next he’s in excruciating pain. It’s very confusing for both of us, and the kids are starting to show signs of stress. 😦 I can’t wait to go to the doctor this pm and have the catheter out. I think he’ll still be sore, but there’s no doubt the physical and mental anxiety this equipment adds to the situation.

I’d say good progress has been made looking through and testing out android tutorial modules. Unfortunately, some of the information may be outdated, or is not completely detailed. After following all the directions exactly, some of the modules fail or don’t turn out as expected. But I’ve just been going through the online material provided by the android developer site. You’d expect this is very concrete info, but maybe it’s a bit buggy or not kept up strictly. One of the modules that doesn’t work properly uses a deprecated class that Eclipse slashes a line through and maybe is not letting me use. It still lets me keep the declaration and content, but slashes the title. I’m not sure exactly what is wrong there. But maybe there’s more current/useful info in the safari titles…

I haven’t done much with Python over the weekend. It’s really a lot of fun to learn and I intend to keep up on it, but the researcher I’m working with on my independent project didn’t seem interested in me learning anything new for the project. I think he wants me to just do the coding necessary for some new apps (or fixing previously created apps) and then do a writeup. Period. Our first meeting may have been a little awkward. He’s a bit of a brainiac, and my age too, so very focused and a bit brusque. Not as laid back as an older researcher would be. Too bad for me. 🙂 But I’m sure it will work itself out. In any case, we’ll meet again tomorrow and I should have a better idea of how this arrangement will progress.