End of September was a wicked bad time for us. Hubby’s back to normal now but had to have surgery again. I had to drop the Scala class. Fortunately I was able to keep Robotics. Thankfully I have truly dependable friend on this planet who helped in too many ways to count. Hugs Barbie!!

Week 46 already! Exciting to be counting down 6 weeks at once. 🙂
I had my first session with Nao on Wednesday. He’s a lot of fun to work with but I kept losing my wifi connection. After three hours and 5 or 6 drops, I’m not sure what kind of a learning database I’ve actually managed to create. There’s definitely a file associated with our training session, but I have yet to sort through the documentation to figure out how to extract that info. My project for tonight…

It’s weird being a grad student in cs and not having that long background of fiddling with computers (and maybe having a BS) that others do. So I feel like I’m probably playing catch up all the time or discovering things people have known about for ages. Anyone, I ran into a site through NSA or Homeland Security that provides free security training modules. I got into it some and found it really interesting. https://www.teexwmdcampus.com/sign_in.k2 If you’re in my situation anyway, gaps in knowledge and what not, this has really helped me put together pieces of information that I already had but in a new, cohesive and more meaningful way. I would be interested to know what other more knowledgeable cs people think.

I also ran into references to Phracker. Probably known to a lot of people, but an interesting find for me. But I need to find personal time to look into it. My work filter does not allow mw to visit Phracker.org because of ‘Hacking’ concerns. Which isn’t saying much. It wouldn’t let me visit a yarn store website either because of ‘Decency’ concerns. I don’t even want to know what that’s about. 🙂