Hello and goodbye to week 44.  The days are flying by.  Still have had communication issues with Nao up to this past Monday.  FINALLY prof is letting us move it to another floor where it always works well, during class anyway.  But the downtime led my project in an interesting direction anyway so I shouldn’t complain.  While it would be awesome to have Nao on kitchen duty, I started playing with his tactile sensors and have this cute little sequence where he giggles or clears his throat while covering his mouth or taking a few steps backward, depending on whether either of his hands are touched or either of his feet.  His eyes have a unique color for each sensor path also, and a random eye twirl at the end signals completion of the loop.  Finally he sits down to resting position.  For not having any productive time with Nao for two weeks, it’s a good program.  Next to add are speech and object recognition.  Although I still like the kitchen idea and it’s easy enough to have him recognize some kitchen objects, this routine with the tactile sensors was inspired by the lengthy list of research articles that use robots in autism therapy.  Many robots are being used in this way apparently, and even Aldebaran is recruiting researchers for the topic.  So I made the program with tactile sensors because Nao was more or less mute for me these past weeks.  Then I found out we get to use him in a tested and confirmed favorable location and it got me thinking, but not about kitchen duty.  I’ve been wondering if he’ll recognize me with my arm raised.  Maybe I can add a physical therapy routine, and who knows what else…  Image