Robotics is nearly done now. One more paper to turn in. Demos were this week. I reviewed the program sufficiently, but the impact is in the visual so I was going to demo the rehab module (developmental/rehab/home assist) even though Nao’s ankle motor is currently inoperable. There is limited lower body movement, mostly just arms imitating exercise poses. But the program wouldn’t load at all. Just kept stalling. I think his battery was low. That’s the breaks when you’re the last demo of the evening. I still got some nice comments, phew. Prof suggested I continue development, so I’ll likely work on this in spring once the ankle is fixed. But I’ll try it out on my new Linux system and see if that makes a difference. The errors I got with vision learning were always about the sdk bin and generated by Microsoft, but I didn’t research the issue much yet. If the vision learning curve can be surpassed, Nao will be doing some seriously cool therapeutic work. But I have three classes in spring too and the kids will be practically motherless. So the sore point in all the excitement. Luckily they have an amazing dad. The ACMW paper is due soon as well, and will be included in the spring newsletter. So cool! Will be doing a lot of writing this weekend between that and the uncanny valley final paper.