The line following robot project is moving very slowly.  But still moving forward.  There were options to either solder everything straight to the circuit board, or use connectors.  Of course connectors didn’t come with the kit.  Neither did a toggle switch or rocker switch.  So I ordered some more parts and slowly moved forward with wiring and soldering the parts I did have from the kit.  Now all those switches and terminals are soldered, shrink tube protected and bearing their own molex connectors.  Nice.  Then I brought the gear to work to do the board soldering in the lab.  No good place to do this at home (and lately I’ve been succumbing to bought of sleeping sickness in the later pm).  We’re getting really close.  I hope to have the board finished and tested by Friday.  Then we’ll slap on a body and let her loose this weekend with the kiddos.  🙂

Tonight is the first night of class for spring semester.  Server Side Programming…  I’m so ready.  Let’s go!

‘The Buddha in the Robot’ was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it.  How is it that a Japanese roboticist has a better handle on the origins and purpose of religion, plus a better stab at the possible existence of a higher intelligence than any western person or scholar who’s book I’ve read?  Little brain says there is something to eastern philosophy that the western world really needs to embrace.

Next on the reading list is the Dalai Lama’s “The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Sprirituality”… as if there were time for reading.  Hmmph…