We’re into the third week of Spring semester this week.  I’ve already read chapters out of several textbooks, several papers and lots of webpages of software documentation.  My eyes are tired all the time.  Poor things.   Classes are great, but two in particular are so much work that I haven’t convinced myself yet that I’ll actually make it through them.  I’ve kept up so far, but that’s with taking two days off work already to just plow through some of the reading.  When I have problems, I can usually figure them out, but the software configuration on Linux is generally slowing me down.  Not that Linux is a problem, but I don’t know it well enough yet that I can use it very efficiently when setting up the massive amounts of software required for these classes.  I’m serious about it being massive too… A quick count in my head got me up to 14 different software packages installed.  And that’s not counting plugins.  Oi.

And here’s an example of the silly mistakes I make… when setting path variables, I was writing locations out of the home folder as /krusniak… instead of /home/krusniak…  I thought krusniak WAS the home folder, and until I saw a youtube tutorial where someone typed it out correctly, it caused me a lot of trouble with configuring maven.  Duh!

Next week the game is on –  I have assignments due in all classes.  Rewrite of a Scala project skeleton in Haskell and then code the solution for Theory of Programming.  Creation and query of a database for Database Programming.  Plus test the software and version control systems for Server Side Software Development.  I refuse to freak out.  🙂

So if anyone wants to learn Haskell and/or wants a good laugh, you have to check out this book I’m reading for class: “Learn You a Haskell For Great Good”  It is soooooo hilarious.  Seriously.  And it’s free too.  Sweet!

Haven’t worked on the line following robot for two weeks now.  The board is fully soldered, with the exception that I put the headlights on top with the rest of the components instead of installing them underneath the circuit board.  I clipped them off, wrapped and soldered wire to the stubs and just have to solder new LEDs to the these extensions I made.  Then test the circuits per the text.  Then hook up the battery and see what happens.  Barring any electrical issue, the body needs to be screwed together and the thing should be done.  Once classes started I dropped it like a hot potato, but maybe this weekend we (me and the kids) can wrap it up once and for all.