My project for Programming Languages got delayed to next week, which means I survive week 4 of the spring semester.  🙂  It’s not a terrible project, but takes a lot of time.  After reading the first eight chapters of ‘Learn You a Haskell…’, I hashed out some code to mimic  a bounding box program written originally in Scala.  Despite all the reading and studying of Haskell the past few days, I’m not sure how to write this one object as a function and have access to it’s attributes.  Everything’s a function.. great, I love the concept.  How to describe an object in terms of functions… uugghh.  And then in class the professor suggested we use a tree structure for the shapes.  I had already written them as a data type Shape.  He obviously thought he was helping, but I’m now officially confused.  As my favorite Tao practitioner (and animated character) often says… oh bother.

On the bright side, Database Programming is luminescent in comparison and so far appears pretty useful too, although I know just enough from other classes that I’m impatient to learn about more advanced things like XML interaction with Databases.  But good to know how to build one first I suppose.

S3Dev is enlightening in a very non-linear way.  First, I’ve downloaded more software and plugins for developing web apps than god has on his computer.  Seriously.  Second, everything is configurable and works in concert IN THEORY ONLY.  Much time is spent searching for fixes for error messages.  Bright side, I’ve learned a lot about my Linux system in a short amount of time.  I always wondered what the heck people cared about operating at the command line.  But the more I do it, the more I feel the directness and practicality of it.  It’s like driving a manual transmission.  Although I recognize that today’s command line is likely a lot more user friendly than the good old days.  And when I have trouble with it I curse Linux and all historical affiliates.  It’s a lot of fun!  🙂

Bounding box be damned, the week was a good one (it’s just Tuesday after all), but then I started getting a suspicion that there are no classes being offered this summer that I can take to finish off my degree by August.  Clue one.. (or really anomaly one) no summer course schedule posted to schedule web page.  Summer registration starts this weekend so now is the time… Clue two.. the registration web site lists an ethics class and an IT class being available.  Barnacles!  I’m hoping this just needs to be updated.  Taking classes for one more semester won’t be the worst thing that ever happened, but we had settled into the idea of August=DONE!, so it’s a little disappointing.