Sleep is so overrated!  Seriously.. I slept 3 hours last night after working till almost 4am on Db homework.  And I feel great.


No really, I’m fine.

In my experience, when something is working, be it coding or simple db queries, keep going.

The take home Prog Lang exam is still mysteriously missing from the class site and the newest project hasn’t posted yet either, but when they do I will be much better off having any other classwork completely out of the way.  We’re apparently builder an interpreter in F#.  Sounds painful.  I’m still behind on becoming an on the fly expert in Scala so I can write the web app for Server Side Development class.  And I was just getting so good at Haskell, but we’re leaving that guy in the dust now.  Too bad.  I don’t have a ton of coding experience, but I personally will work day and night with a functional language over poor Java.  Continuing the theme of learn and drop programming, it seems we’re already coming to the end of using mysql just in time to get comfy with php.  I can’t really complain though.  This extreme programming schedule is really pretty fun.  Sleep be damned.

The biggest issue is not my school schedule but my overlapping life schedule.  Someone pointed out to me that I almost forgot to set up a wedding shower work party for my most excellent friend who’s getting married in April.  Bullocks!  My daughter is turning 5 in April too.  Two parties, planning, cakes… oh sh#t!!  Possible work trips have also been suggested, a work class… what about that water park trip over spring break I promised my favorite little 3 and 4 year old mini-managers?  Above and beyond the lists of reminders I’ve made for myself…. 1) Don’t break important family commitments….2) Don’t fail class.  I know that work should be on the list there somewhere too… but my brain feels small and tight right now, like a raisin.  That’s all and that’s that.

Don’t like to provide physical evidence that there is something not right with my brain, but it recently decided that taking an online course from Udacity (an extension of free courses provided by Stanford last fall and courtesy of CS superior power Sebastian Thrun) was an inescapable inevitability, so I’m also trying to manage the seven week course on creating a search engine.  It’s really a basic programming module using Python (I heart Python!) and I can sneak in the short youtube clips that make up the course units while on the train or here and there at work, so theoretically it’s not really a big deal.  Did I mention, I heart Python?  I also love the concept of robust online education via credible field experts.  For free no less.  **Yay**

Final thoughts: Scala, F#, php and web app dev, you’re no match for stripper wife… high five!  (Don Cheadle rules.)