This is actually W41 in the countdown to graduation.  The intended target (end of summer) has officially been pushed back to December.  Although I’ll work again with my friend Nao this summer, there aren’t any classes offered that will fulfill my remaining requirements until Fall semester.  Slightly disappointing turn of events, but more time for some independent work/practice and also lots of kid time (*awesome*) and some sleep too.

This being Spring semester week 7 and next week Spring Break, half the semester has officially and successfully been maneuvered.  If you haven’t read all the posts on this blog, you might not know that this is an experimental semester in which I’m taking 3 – 3 credit hour courses, working full time, and going home to an ENERGETIC family of three kiddies all under 5 years old and one tough hubby.  I’d had to drop a class here and a class there when initially pregnant with #3 (and nauseous a lot more than with #1 and #2) and when hubby was in and out of the hospital for awhile.  So this is a bit of an attempt to catch up.

Both exams for Programming Languages and Server-Side Software Development were lessons in how little I really know about these awesome subjects.  The projects are always much easier in that you have lots of time to work out the bugs, but an exam is limited in time and sometimes even in tools if it’s an in-class paper exam.  But I got a sufficient grade in S3Dev.  Haven’t gotten a grade yet for Prog Lang.  I figure if I get A’s on the projects and at least C’s on the exams, the average will be acceptable and we’ll call it good for this semester.  I’m usually pressing for A’s overall, but my schedule doesn’t even allow time for my OCD to complain about the fact that there is not that much time in the day for me to put to any one thing right now.  🙂