Week 25 and counting.  I got so swamped with work in March that I just had to cut out all extras… meaning all the fun side-projects, unfortunately.  Two Udacity classes, this blog, home robot project… all paused until further notice.  Which wasn’t really surprising considering three classes and working full-time was bound to get hairy.  And hairy it got.  Wow.  I was so busy with class that even on non-class evenings I sat at SB and worked and so came home late every single night during the week.  Those were some long days for hubby and our three little people.  And it’s a bummer to be away from home that much, but I learned so much this semester… functional programming in two languages, more practice with scala, web app development frameworks/techniques, database programming.. and a lot about my strengths and weaknesses as a programmer and designer.  More on all this fun stuff soon.

Now I’m in week 4 of independent studies with Nao where I’m trying to create program modules in which Nao uses a range of sensors/functions in both a coordinated but stepwise approach and also simultaneously through plug-in functionality and direct coding.  The theme for the modules is interaction with a subject with Autism Spectrum Disorder that may have some therapeutic benefit.  The weeks are going fast and this is a really interesting subject that could take up a lot of time, say over the span of a PhD or grant-length research project.  But I have 6 weeks total and so I’m just trying to get some interesting activities to work with some research based substance, and that will be it.  But between this project and the recent hype about Raspberry Pi and the general online education blow-up, I’m really seeing a lot of potential for becoming involved in education development.  Fun stuff and useful too!

By the way, I’m happy to say that putting everything on hold and taking time away from the family was at least well-compensated by receiving 3 A’s for spring semester.  Sweet!