Well it was W21 in that last week of class anyway…

This last week of summer camp/programming class went really well. We started with the demo I had wanted the kids to see last week. We talked a little about taking a simple instruction, combining it with another (and another and another) and creating a complex program, like the demo animation or a game or website. With this in mind, the kids went to their stations and started again with the projects they were working on last week. Some still were interested in again creating new characters are trying out backgrounds, but I went to each individually and encouraged them to try the ‘repeat’ and ‘forever’ control statements over the basic ‘move’ statements for at least one sprite. A couple kids wound up with multiple sprites moving, and one even went on to make a sprite say something within the activity loop, very similar to the demo! The oldest, and least enthusiastic of the group got mildly interested when I told her she should try to finish her animation this class period and then we could submit to the Scratch website. We did post her project and she actually stayed engaged for a little while. In the last ten minutes of class I let everyone have free time to play games if they wanted. Some still worked on their programs and some played games. In the end, the class stayed calm, focused and positive. Not bad for the third workshop ever. I did not get to bring a Spanish version of the project booklet to class, but hope to post it on the Scratch Ed site soon and bring it to class in the fall.

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