I keep mixing up the weeks in the titles for the posts, which is mostly for my own benefit but may be confusing or annoying nonetheless… in any case I believe this is week 13 in my countdown to graduation.

Architecture class turns out to be the best class I could have picked as the last for my program. In the first four weeks many gaps in terms and concepts have been filled in (SOA, SOAP, REST, middle-ware, distributed systems, web services vs SaaS) and we’re practising with java and web services, two things I have some experience with and am in need of deeper experience and understanding. This is also the first class (well maybe second as we talked a lot about architecture in server side class this past spring) where i feel like I’m reinforcing the engineer in software engineer (MS Software Engineering). Doing is important, but planning and designing are the responsibilities I’ve acquired over time in materials engineering, and this is the level we’re at in ESA class too, which is where I want my expertise to lie eventually (what’s the good of awesome coding if you don’t know how to put the pieces together to grow the whole system) and where I want to go in CS eventually. I anticipate this taking awhile and taking place along the lines of backtracking once again in position and doing the execution and proof of ability processes as were necessary in transferring into engineering. Which is fine except that there is more pressure to reach a happy career place when it’s not just career satisfaction, but also family support that is dependent on the success and maturation time of the transformation.

Things I’m working with currently: JAX-WS, RMI, NetBeans (JavaEE/GlassFish bundle)

The initial NetBeans tutorials seem to work well the first time, but the Java RMI tutorial is good until the end, where the security details are a bit fuzzy and I have errors right now for which I don’t immediately have solutions.