Things certainly came to a head in the Fall of 2012.  Besides being overwhelmed with school work and little people (then 5yrs, 4yrs and 1yr old), work was busier than ever.  My engineering group was looking forward to launching our project that we had labored and worried over for nearly 7 years with one of the (THE) largest pharma companies on this planet in just a few short months.  So we were working night and day to meet those project management schematic deadlines, including setting up for and receiving auditors from our pharma partner.  To everyone’s surprise (by the abruptness anyway, if not the actual event), our work was halted suddenly by our long-time private investment group.  Lucky for me, I got hired about a week later by a really excellent Drupal development group.  But I hadn’t used Drupal during my Master’s work and I had little idea what to do with it at first.  Well it turned out to be a lot of fun and I got used to it quickly.  Thank goodness my new group was of the mindset that it is a worthwhile effort to spend time teaching new skills to those with some apparent technical aptitude but no professional experience.  Yay!  I worked there for almost a year and literally worked day and night at learning web development, partially to be an awesome employee and partially because it is so much fun.  I’m completely hooked on Drupal and PHP these days.  Of course, all the time put into learning this system took time away from other fun projects like Google App Engine (now supporting PHP!), Bioinformatics, and (more recently) Arduino.  However, I have been keeping notes and I have some great beginners tips for troubles and pitfalls configuring and using Drupal and other interesting and useful web dev tools.   The final issue to be settled is that I am now compelled to make my own website, however convenient the wordpress prefab template has been.  Please check back to find the link to Robot Mom’s new home, coming soon in the summer of 2014!